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Documentation of EWN Successes: Filling the Beneficial Use Gap (18-06)

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Dredged materials can be used to improve environmental outcomes while maximizing navigation benefits. Few studies document mid- to long-term project benefits and USACE success stories remain poorly advertised. The purpose of the work unit is to “fill the gap” between recently restored systems and their mature counterparts, providing a framework to develop restoration trajectory curves allowing for extrapolation of EWN benefits throughout a projects lifespan.



Dredged sediment has been used to create and restore wetlands and other landforms for d...
The beneficial use (BU) of dredged materials improves environmental outcomes while maxi...
Data and observations made at > 40-year-old dredged sediment beneficial use project sit...
Wetland Science & Practice For some time, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has s...

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Research Soil Scientist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


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Recent completed research conducted by EWN researchers was featured in the online publication, DredgeWire. The articl...
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