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Documenting Engineering with Nature® implementation within the US Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District – completed projects and opportunities for chronosequence analysis

Jacob F. Berkowitz and Danielle M. Szimanski
October 6, 2022

About This Publication

The purpose of this technical note is to document the beneficial use of dredged materials in a subset of shallow draft navigation projects conducted by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Baltimore District between 1904 and 2016. The available data demonstrates (1) the expansion of beneficial uses of dredged materials over time incorporating Engineering With Nature® (EWN) approaches and (2) provides baseline information supporting chronosequence studies of habitat restoration/creation trajectories designed to evaluate project success.

Research Projects

Dredged materials can be used to improve environmental outcomes while maximizing navigation benefits. Few studies document mid- to long-term project benefits and USACE success stories remain poorly advertised. The pur...