Lauren Bosche

Research Physical Scientist, CRREL-AKRO, ERDC


In her work with the Cold Regions work unit of the EWN program, Lauren Bosche analyzes geospatial and remote sensing data at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory’s Alaska Research Office (CRREL-AKRO) in Fairbanks. Prior to her move to Alaska, Lauren worked as a Hazard Mitigation and Resiliency Planner for Arcadis in Florida. As part of her M.Sc. in Environment and Resource Management at Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands, she interned at Deltares and conducted a global synthesis of ecosystem habitat suitability in efforts to reduce coastal flood risk.

Lauren Bosche


A team of subject matter experts and collaborators met at Saint Croix Island, ME, 21-221 June 2023 to identify nature-based solutions to preserve t......
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Lauren Bosche

Research Projects

Cold Region (CR) environments experience unique environmental stressors such as loss of permafrost and ice sheets from climate change, sea-level ri......
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