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Engineering With Nature® Principles in Action: Islands

Paula E. Whitfield, Burton C. Suedel, Kelly A. Egan, Jeff M. Corbino, Jenny L. Davis, David C. Carson, Amanda S. Tritinger, Danielle M. Szimanski, William L. Balthis, Joe Z. Gailani, and Jeffrey K. King
August 4, 2022

About This Publication

The Engineering With Nature® (EWN) Program supports nature-based solutions that reduce coastal-storm and flood risks while providing environmental and socioeconomic benefits. Combining the beneficial use of dredged sediments with the restoration or creation of islands increases habitat and recreation, keeps sediment in the system, and reduces coastalstorm and flood impacts. Given the potential advantages of islands, EWN seeks to support science-based investigations of island performance, impacts, and benefits through collaborative multidisciplinary efforts. Using a series of case studies led by US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) districts and others, this technical report highlights the role of islands in providing coastal resilience benefits in terms of reducing waves and erosion as well as other environmental and socioeconomic benefits to the communities and the ecosystems they reside in.

Research Projects

This project seeks to overcome historical practices of dredged sediment management and increase frequency that island systems are restored or created. In doing so, this will offer increased opportunities to advance “t...