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Long Term Function of Coastal Islands Derived from Engineering With Nature Efforts

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This project seeks to overcome historical practices of dredged sediment management and increase frequency that island systems are restored or created. In doing so, this will offer increased opportunities to advance “triple win” outcomes (economic, social and environment benefits) derived from island restoration and/or creation opportunities. Ultimately, this research task will establish criteria and methods for evaluating long-term function, life- cycle costs, derived benefits and design alternatives for islands; leverage multi-agency interest and expertise to gain acceptance /value-added of island construction.



ERDC Technical Report The monitoring and adaptive management plan (MAMP) used to doc...
The Engineering With Nature® (EWN) Program supports nature-based solutions that reduce ...


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This animated EWN video highlights the beneficial use of  dredged sediment to refurbish islands, ...
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Regardless of their size, islands play a critical role in providing valuable habitat, recreation ...

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National Lead, USACE EWN Program