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Enhancing Benefits Evaluation for Water Resources Projects Towards a More Comprehensive Approach for Nature-Based Solutions: Consideration of Nature-Based Solutions in USACE Planning Studies

Eva Windhoffer, Susan Hughes, Thomas Hughes, Audrey Grismore, Abby Littman, Allison Haertling, Jordan R. Fischbach
November 10, 2022

About This Publication

This document is the second in a series of reports produced as part of this collaborative effort. It is intended to outline the steps and processes taken to select six final case studies for analysis. The report includes: a) a description of the process taken to compile and inventory 150 planning studies, b) a summary of the methodology for evaluating, scoring, and ultimately selecting a subset of those planning studies, c) a description of how the planning studies were subsequently scored to determine the final six case studies, and d) a brief conclusion of this effort, along with descriptive fact sheets for 12 studies.

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