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Analyzing Natural Feature Performance During Disasters

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Significant hurricanes such as Katrina in 2005 and Harvey in 2016 revealed important
disparities in how communities recover from extreme events. Although natural
infrastructures may provide as much protection as conventional infrastructure, methods
for objectively assessing the performance of natural features under hurricane conditions
are not well established.


We aim to document current practices for disaster monitoring and retrospectively
analyze the performance of natural infrastructures during past storms in order to
improve approaches for evaluating natural and nature-based features before and
after future storm events.


We will hold a workshop for interested stakeholders, survey partner organizations, and
review information available via public websites and published documents to understand
current monitoring practices, identify case studies, and analyze the performance of natural
features during past disasters.


We will develop a white paper summarizing our key findings and suggestions for
improvement. We also plan to integrate our findings into a GIS layer that will allow users
to identify projects with active monitoring programs.


Point of Contact

Research Ecologist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC

Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor Director, Atmospheric Sciences Program University of Georgia


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