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Best Practices for Scaling Up Nature-based Solutions

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Maximizing the benefits and efficiencies of natural infrastructure requires implementing projects at the system or landscape scale, such as across entire watersheds. To help managers plan and implement nature-based solutions on such large scales requires a better understanding of the legal, jurisdictional, regulatory, institutional, and infrastructure factors at play.


We aim to identify opportunities and challenges involved in adopting natural infrastructure projects at a landscape scale along with the conditions that may encourage or hinder large collaborative projects.


Using watershed infrastructure as an example, we will research policy and regulatory issues including federal regulatory challenges, overlapping jurisdictions, scaling or project planning methods, funding barriers, public/private land ownership, and liability standards. As part of this work, we will identify real-world examples of nature-based solutions implemented at large scales and identify lessons learned from watershed partnerships that are working well.


We will identify recommendations for reducing legal or policy barriers, develop a white paper on policy hurdles and limitations, create case studies highlighting lessons learned, and summarize our key findings in a journal article.


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Research Civil Engineer, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC

Public Service Associate; Strategic Operations And Planning Assistance, University of Georgia


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