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Environmental Pool Management: An EWN Innovation for Advancing USACE Water Operations Practice

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The practice of managing reservoir and navigation pools to increase wetland habitat value while maintaining safe navigation and managing flood risk is referred to as Environmental Pool Management (EPM). EPM can be a cost-effective way to increase ecosystem goods and service (EGS) benefits in lake and reservoir systems. But water quality benefits from EPM best practices are not well understood. This project will demonstrate and communicate the EGS benefits of EPM via a case study using the Lake Red Rock EPM conceptual model. This project will also evaluate water quality parameters and de-nitrification rate response to EPM.  Communications will target USACE lake managers, district Operations Chiefs, and Command staff responsible for water management decisions, and will capture the EWN® triple-win elements of engineering, environmental, and social benefits that can be derived from sustainable EPM practices.



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Research Biologist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC

Research Biologist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC

Research Aquatic Ecologist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


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