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Natural Infrastructure Opportunities Tool (NIOT) Case Study Development, User-Base Expansion and Updates

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The Natural Infrastructure Opportunities Tool (NIOT) is a public facing, web-based decision support tool that allows users to explore data relevant to Natural Infrastructure (NI) projects, as well as view or add NI resource or project needs. The tool includes national and regional datasets and can be adapted for regional use or fine-tuned for local application. It aims to make connections between stakeholders with resources and those in need of resources. This project will expand the tool to include a series of coastal and inland case studies and NI project opportunities, and incorporate user feedback to make the tool more comprehensive and helpful to a wide variety of users. Updating the NIOT viewer and deliberately highlighting how it can be used to plan and implement NI projects will ultimately improve NI projects and benefit the environment, economy, and public and private stakeholders.

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Research Ecologist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


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