EWN Researchers Conduct Full-Scale Investigation to Characterize Dune Geophysical Properties

Dunes are one of many natural features that provide a critical line of defense from coastal storms while also providing habitat and often recreation possibilities. This research project is characterizing the diverse range of geomorphic and geotechnical properties associated with natural, restored, and highly engineered dunes in Northeast Florida. The 5-site field study conducted in […]

EWN and University of Florida Researchers Characterize Dune Geophysical Properties

In May 2023, Drs. Justin Shawler and Brian Harris (ERDC-CHL) led a pilot field study in partnership with collaborators at the University of Florida (UF) to investigate dune geophysical properties. This research, led by Leigh Provost (ERDC-CHL) as part of the Network for Engineering With Nature (N-EWN), focuses on sand dune restoration strategies and the […]

Synergizing to Understand Ecological Drivers of Coastal Dune Stability

The Network for Engineering With Nature brought together researchers from the University of Florida and the Engineer Research and Development Center to evaluate ecological drivers of dune stability to better inform restoration design and coastal dune management guidance. The two organizations will synergize field experiments, observational surveys, physical modeling, and numerical modeling. The workshop was […]