EWN Tools

Engineering With Nature Project Mapper (ProMap)

About This Tool

EWN ProMap is an interactive geospatial map viewer for projects that fit within the EWN context of intentionally aligning natural and engineering processes to efficiently and sustainably deliver economic, environmental, and social benefits through collaboration.  ProMap brings together projects from multiple organizations worldwide that focus on producing efficiencies, using natural processes, broadening benefits, and promoting collaboration. 

The aim of the mapper is to allow users to explore information that can be helpful in developing EWN ideas during the planning of their own projects. These projects can be viewed based upon project category (e.g., beaches and dunes, wetlands, islands, etc.) or by their intended environmental or social benefits (e.g., bird habitat, shore protection, recreation, etc.).  Once a project of interest is selected, additional project information and resources are available to the user.  Full application details and interacting guidance are available within the app.

We encourage you to submit your project to be highlighted in ProMap!