Current Projects

Developing and Optimizing Multi-Dimensional NNBF and EWN Strategies that Endure Cold Region Environments

Cold Region (CR) environments experience unique environmental stressors such as loss of permafrost and ice sheets from climate change, sea-level rise, intense ice and snowstorms, high winds, and rising/falling lake levels. These unique conditions often complicate the development of lasting EWN® solutions that improve Cold Region resilience.  This project aims to identify and develop new and non-traditional EWN strategies that integrate novel natural infrastructure and nature-based techniques and practices specific to Cold Region environments. This project also seeks to better understand the current conditions and future-anticipated changes in Cold Regions in order to obtain greater insight into what EWN strategies might reduce risk and increase the resilience of communities located in Cold Regions such as Alaska, Canada, New England, and the Great Lakes.

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