NNBF Guidelines Project – Summer 2017

Summary of Second, In-Person Meeting for International Working Group Developing Guidelines for Natural and Nature-Based Features: During June 10-13, 2017, Dr. Todd Bridges, Dr. Jeff King, Dr. Todd Swannack, Dr. Candice Piercy, Dr. Joe Gailani, and Mr. Tim Welp participated in a second, in-person meeting of the International Working Group that is developing guidelines for use of Natural and Nature-Based Features (NNBF). The meeting was hosted in the United Kingdom by the Environment Agency. More than 25 contributors, representing 4 countries and more than 10 different organizations, assembled to continue their ongoing efforts that will produce the guidelines document. This 4-day, in-person meeting was an opportunity to review progress, incorporate a NNBF chapter applicable to riverine/fluvial systems, and advance four priority chapters within the guidelines document. The meeting also provided valuable input through presentations of applicable UK programs and/or projects, and it culminated with a series of site visits that occurred along the UK’s eastern coastline.

Meeting Agenda