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Reservoir Sedimentation and Sustainability with NNBF

Shoreline erosion and reservoir sedimentation is a major issue within reservoirs and lakes, and there are no existing guidelines available to establish priorities to treat excessive shoreline erosion. Sedimentation negatively affects reservoir and lake storage capacity, water quality, recreational activities, and fisheries. This project will develop, test and monitor NNBF projects to provide new and improved methods for stabilizing eroding shorelines.  Special emphasis will be placed on incorporating in-situ material materials and enhancing toe protection designs with vegetative, woody and other natural components.  In addition, high-resolution terrain data will be analyzed to determine shoreline stability trends which will assist in determining the type and location for future EWN practices. The outcome of this study will be documented to provide other practitioners with appropriate shoreline erosion alternatives and applications using EWN-NNBF techniques.