Christopher Haring, PhD, PG, CFM

Research Physical Scientist, Lead for Ewn Fluvial Chapters, Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, ERDC


Dr. Haring is a Research Physical Scientist in the River Engineering Branch of the Coastal Hydraulics Laboratory-Engineering Research & Development Center (ERDC).  His responsibilities include leading research and development in water resource studies including river engineering and mechanics, geomorphology, sediment management, watershed assessments and USACE’s Engineering With Nature® initiative. His current research is focused on developing a restoration manual to provide updated guidance on inland fluvial applications for Engineering With Nature®.  Another research focus is the development of FluvialGeomorph, a watershed assessment tool that identifies EWN-type natural channel characteristics and maps potential areas of instability within the channel reach.

Christopher Haring, PhD, PG, CFM


Natural and Nature Based Features (NNBF) play a vital role in the USACE’s efforts towards inland fluvial restoration and stabilization. An NN......
The Network for Engineering With Nature® (EWN) invites you to the N-EWN Knowledge Series: A Continuing Education Series about Engineering with......
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Christopher Haring, PhD, PG, CFM

Research Projects

Maintaining a natural channel within a normal range of geomorphic dimensions and biological conditions with engineered, hydraulic structures is imp......
This project will develop fluvial inland watershed guidance for studying, analyzing, developing, and implementing watershed-based sediment manageme......
This project will create regionalized guidance and tools for landowners to incorporate EWN® methods in riverbank stabilization project in the Misso......
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