Engineering With Nature

Lamar University, Beaumont, TX: Fall 2019 EWN course

Course Description:

Introduce and broaden students’ horizons to the overall concept of Engineering With Nature (EWN) as being developed and implemented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Traditional engineering versus EWN. What is EWN? Principles, Practices, and Examples.

EWN represents an approach to developing and operating a project, where a project could take the form of a wide range of activities supporting water resources development. For example, developing new flood risk management infrastructure, a dredging project, or an ecosystem restoration project. The USACE defines EWN as the intentional alignment of natural and engineering processes to efficiently and sustainably deliver economic, environmental and social benefits through collaboration.

CVEN 5301-27: Engineering With Nature Fall semester 2019 course outline

Instructor: Liv Haselbach, PhD: Professor and Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering

For more information, please contact Dr. Todd Bridges or Dr. Jeffrey King.


Course lecture listing

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Lecture 1EWN principles and practices
Lecture 2Introduction to principals of fluid dynamics, conservation of mass and conservation of energy
Lecture 3Open channel flow and flow through vegetation
Lecture 4Wave dynamics and waves through vegetation
Lecture 5Coastal engineering basics and considerations for restoration
Lecture 6Engineering sediment properties
Lecture 7Basics of sediment transport
Lecture 8Dredging material management for EWN
Lecture 9An overview of dredging equipment and operations
Lecture 10Introduction to ecology, hierarchical structure, ecosystem structure and function, and services
Lecture 11Introduction to ecosystems of the world, geographic distribution, ecosystem classifications
Lecture 12Wetlands and dredging
Lecture 13Wetland soils, characteristics, and indicators
Lecture 14Introduction to fluvial geomorphology, functions and processes, basic overview of management techniques, Proctor Creek case study
Lecture 15Introduction to integrated ecological modeling
Lecture 16Watersheds, challenges, and management practices
Lecture 17Vegetation in engineering
Lecture 18Coral and oyster reefs