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EWN Engagements

Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (JETC) meets in San Antonio, Texas

Multi-day Event (May 2-
4, 2023)


Panelists leading the discussion during the “Engineering With Nature to Increase Infrastructure Resilience” session during the JETC, held in San Antonio on 4 May 2023 (left to right: Scott Pippen, Sam Whitin, Burton Suedel, and Hollie Schmidt).

More than 2,700 professionals from the Architectural Engineering and Construction industry and joint engineering community met at the Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo for JETC: Mission Success Starts Here. Engineering With Nature was represented with a panel discussion, “Engineering With Nature to Increase Infrastructure Resilience.” This session showcased Department of Defense Nature-based solutions for climate change resilience and carbon sequestration and presented multiple successful case studies from the Navy, Marine Corps, and Army that use difference planning and implementation strategies for increasing installation resilience.

Burton Suedel
Hollie Schmidt
Sam Whitin
Scott Pippen

Point of Contact

Public Service Associate; Strategic Operations And Planning Assistance, University of Georgia

Global Senior Director of Sustainability & Climate Response for the Americas Region at Jacobs

Research Biologist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC

Coastal Resilience Director EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc. PBC


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