EWN Presentations
March 2022

Island Creation and Stabilization Review and AdH Modeling to Develop Best Practices, Design Criteria, and Recommendations for Large Navigable River Island and Secondary Channel Management

About This Presentation

On March 23, 2022, Chuck Theiling (ERDC-EL), along with Tim Lauth (USACE-MVS), Eddie Brauer (USACE-MVS), and Gaurav Savant (ERDC-CHL) presented this project overview to the Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee/Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee Annual Meeting. It outlines problems presented by channelization, strategies to develop, maintain and restore geomorphic function, and the project objectives—exploration of fluvial processes in both natural and constructed reference habitats, using a best-case process to create island habitat, and modeling those processes to improve planning and implementation.

Point of Contact

Research Aquatic Ecologist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC

EWN Riverine Practice Lead, Senior Hydraulic Engineer, St. Louis District

Associated Research Projects

Large navigable rivers have been modified in ways that channelize main channels and isolate off-channel aquatic areas to concentrate flow to create safe and efficient navigation channels.  Channelization eliminat...