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Post Wildfire Watershed Restoration for Flood Risk Management (FRM)

Wildfires can cause extreme loss of vegetation and soil instabilities that make affected areas highly susceptible to increased runoff, flooding, and transport of debris, and reduced quality of aquatic and terrestrial habitat and water quality. Managing wildfire recovery efforts by applying EWN principles has the potential to provide a wide range of flood risk management benefits while increasing co-benefits for the entire watershed. This project will develop, test and monitor EWN wildfire FRM and erosion control projects to provide state-of-the-art science for future wildfire recovery efforts.  Special emphasis will be placed on in-situ material usage for restoration and vegetation management  alternatives. In addition a watershed stability tool-FluvialGeomorph will be used to assess the high-resolution terrain data available to determine channel and watershed stability trends which will assist in determining the type and location for EWN practices.

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