Associated Press Article Explores USACE Interest in Natural Infrastructure

“We need to re-envision what infrastructure looks like.”

Dr. Todd Bridges, National Lead, Engineering With Nature

An article released by the Associated Press discusses the Corps of Engineers heightened interest in nature-based solutions through the leadership of the Engineering With Nature Initiative.

The article mentions the challenges to implementing nature-based solutions but also the pieces coming together to allow for change including WRDA 2020, the publication of the International Guidelines on Natural and Nature-Based Features for Flood Risk Management, research on benefits of natural features conducted by ERDC, University of California, Santa Cruz, The Nature Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Society, and a growing need for improved solutions as increasingly frequent storms test the limits of traditional infrastructure.

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The AP reporter spent time with Dr. Bridges, EWN Lead, and David Crane, an environmental resource specialist with the Army Corps of Engineers, and an EWN Practice Lead. They toured an area that flooded in 2019 a few miles south of Rock Port, Missouri where the Corps recently completed a levee setback. Dr. Bridges also visited the L-536 levee setback project was visited as a part of this summer’s EWN on the Road series, Stop #6.