Nature-Based Solutions Literature

These publications provide information about research efforts, field-level observations, and design/construction practices that collectively serve to advance our understanding of nature-based solutions.

Publications available online are linked in the citation. All ERDC related research is linked to Knowledge Core, ERDC’s digital repository. To inquire about a publication or to suggest a reference for inclusion in this repository, please contact us at:

11/03/2022Blue carbon ecosystem monitoring using remote sensing reveals wetland restoration pathwaysLanceman D, Sadat-Noori M, Gaston T, Drummond C, Glamore WFrontiers in Environmental Science>Link
09/30/2022A Multi-Decadal Assessment of Dredged Sediment Beneficial Use Projects Part 2: Ecosystem Functions, Goods, and ServicesBerkowitz JF, Hurst NR, Beane NR, Philley KD, Jung JFJournal of Dredging>Link
09/30/2022A Multi-Decadal Assessment of Dredged Sediment Beneficial Use Projects Part 1: Ecological OutcomesBerkowitz JF, Beane NR, Hurst NR, Jung JF, Philley KDJournal of Dredging>Link
08/31/2022State of the practice and engineering framework for using emergent vegetation in coastal infrastructureOstrow, K., Guannel, G., Biondi, E. L., Cox, D. T., and Tomiczek, T.Frontiers in Built Environment>Link
12/01/2015The Use of the Iñupiaq Technique of Tundra Sodding to Rehabilitate Wetlands in Northern AlaskaCater, T. C., Hopson, C., and Streever, B.Artic>Link
02/23/2022Bridging the gap between coastal engineering and nature
Jordan, P. and Fröhle, P.Journal of Coastal Conservation>Link
12/01/2021Rising Seas and Shifting Sands: Combining Natural and Grey Infrastructure to Protect Canada’s Eastern and Western Coastal CommunitiesEyquem, JoannaUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario, CA>Eng
12/30/2021Building with Nature: A nineteenth century conceptHooimeijer, F.L. and Lambert, D.Journal of Delta Urbanism>Link
10/14/2021Resistance, resilience, and recovery
of salt marshes in the Florida
Panhandle following Hurricane
Castagno, K.A., Tomiczek, T., Shepard, C.C., Beck, M.W.,
Bowden, A.A., O’Donnell, K. & Scyphers, S.B.
Scientific Reports>Link
02/01/2014Systems Resilience for Multihazard Environments: Definition, Metrics, and Valuation for Decision MakingAyyub, B.M.Risk Analysis>Link
01/01/2021Emerging Solutions to Return Nature to the Urban OceanAiroldi, L., Beck, M. W., Firth, L. B., Bugnot, A. B., Steinberg, P. D., &
Dafforn, K. A.
Annual Review of Marine Science>Link
10/14/2020Planning nature-based solutions: Principles, steps, and insightsAlbert, C., Brillinger, M., Guerrero, P., Gottwald, S., Henze, J., Schmidt, S.,
Ott, E., & Schröter, B.
08/21/2011Determination of wave transmission coefficients for oyster shell bag breakwatersAllen, R. J., and Webb, B. M.Coastal Engineering Practice>Link
01/01/2008Mangrove forests: Resilience, protection from tsunamis, and responses to global climate changeAlongi, D.M.Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science>Link
01/01/2014Wave attenuation by flexible, idealized salt marsh vegetationAnderson, M. E., & Smith, J. M.Coastal Engineering>Link
02/01/2015Implementation of wave dissipation by vegetation in STWAVEAnderson, M. E., & Smith, J. M.U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center>Link
09/01/2011Wave Dissipation by VegetationAnderson, M.E., J.M. Smith, and S.K. McKayWave Dissipation by Vegetation. Coastal and Hydraulics Engineering Technical Note
09/01/2013Laboratory Studies of Wave Attenuation through Artificial and Real VegetationAnderson, M. E., Smith, J. M., Bryant, D. B., and McComas, R. G.Engineer Research and Development Center>Link
09/28/2020Statistical Review of Quality Parameters of Blue-Green Infrastructure Elements Important in Mitigating the Effect of the Urban Heat Island in the Temperate Climate (C) ZoneAntoszewski, P., Świerk, D., & Krzyżaniak, M.Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health>Link
03/30/2017Linking social, ecological, and physical science to advance natural and nature‐based protection for coastal communitiesArkema, K. K., Griffin, R., Maldonado, S., Silver, J., Suckale, J., & Guerry, A.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences>Link
07/14/2013Coastal habitats shield people and property from sea-level rise and stormsArkema, K. K., Guannel, G., Verutes, G., Wood, S. A., Guerry, A., Ruckelshaus,
M., Kareiva, P., Lacayo, M., & Silver, J. M.
Nature Climate Change>Link
03/01/2020Natural Infrastructure’s Role in Mitigating Flooding Along the Mississippi RiverAskew-Merwin, C.Northeast-Midwest Institute Report>Link
03/01/2009Laboratory and numerical studies of wave damping by emergent and near-emergent wetland vegetationAugustin, L. N., Irish, J. L., & Lynett, P.Coastal Engineering>Link
02/10/2021New insights on the combined removal of antibiotics and ARGs in urban wastewater through the use of two configurations of vertical subsurface flow constructed wetlandsÁvila, C., García-Galán, M. J., Borrego, C. M., Rodríguez-Mozaz, S., García, J.,
& Barceló, D.
Science of The Total Environment>Link
11/01/2016Resilience of Infrastructure Systems to Sea-Level Rise in Coastal Areas: Impacts, Adaptation Measures, and Implementation ChallengesAzevedo de Almeida, B., & Mostafavi, A.Sustainability>Link
03/01/2013Spatial identification and optimization of upland wetlands in agricultural watershedsBabbar-Sebens, M., Barr, R. C., Tedesco, L. P., & Anderson, M.Ecological Engineering>Link
01/18/2008Coastal ecosystem‐based management with nonlinear ecological functions and valuesBarbier, E. B., Koch, E. W., Silliman, B. R., Hacker, S. D., Wolanski, E.,
Primavera, J., Granek, E. F., Polasky, S., Aswani, S., & Cramer, L. A.
05/01/2011The value of estuarine and coastal ecosystem servicesBarbier, E. B., Hacker, S. D., Kennedy, C., Koch, E. W., Stier, A. C., &
Silliman, B. R.
Ecological monographs>Link
03/11/2013The Value of Wetlands in Protecting Southeast Louisiana from Hurricane Storm SurgesBarbier, E. B., Georgiou, I. Y., Enchelmeyer, B., & Reed, D. J.PLoS ONE>Link
02/19/2016Vulnerability of Coastal Communities from Storm Surge and Flood DisastersBathi, J., & Das, H.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health>Link
01/01/2020Engaging coastal community members about natural and nature-based solutions to assess their ecosystem functionBaustian, M. M., Jung, H., Bienn, H. C., Barra, M., Hemmerling, S. A., Wang, Y.,
White, E., & Meselhe, E.
Ecological Engineering>Link
01/01/2016Managing Coasts with Natural Solutions: Guidelines for Measuring and Valuing the Coastal Protection Services of Mangroves and Coral ReefsBeck, M. W., & Lange, G. M.Washington DC: The World Bank>Link
05/10/2018The global flood protection savings provided by coral reefsBeck, M.W., Losada, I.J., Reguero, B.G., Diaz-Simal, P., & Ferandez, F.Nature Communications>Link
05/01/2009Numerical simulation of the effects of Louisiana coastal marshes on nearshore wavesBender, C. J., Atkinson, J., Cialone, M. A., Grzegorzewski, A., & Smith, J.
Proceedings of the Coastal Engineering Conference>Link
02/01/2016Natural infrastructure investment and implications for the nexus: A global overviewBennett, G., Cassin, J., & Carroll, N.Ecosystem Services>Link
06/01/2015Linking biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human well-being: Three challenges for designing research for sustainabilityBennett, E. M., Cramer, W., Begossi, A., Cundill, G., Díaz, S., Egoh, B. N.,
Geijzendorffer, I. R., Krug, C. B., Lavorel, S., Lazos, E., Lebel, L., Martín-López, B., Meyfroidt,
P., Mooney, H. A., Nel, J. L., Pascual, U., Payet, K., Harguindeguy, N. P., Peterson, G. D., …
Woodward, G.
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability>Link
05/13/2007The National Academies Report on Mitigating Shore Erosion along Sheltered CoastsBenoit, J., & Roberts, S.Coastal Sediments>Link
06/01/2002Rivers as urban landscapes: Renaissance of the WaterfrontBenson, E.Water Science and Technology>Link
03/01/2015Ecological Survey of a Dredged Material-supported Wetland in the Atchafalaya River, Louisiana: An Engineering with Nature Case StudyBerkowitz, J. F., Beane, N. R., Evans, D. E., Suedel, B., & Corbino, J. M.Wetland Science & Practice>Link
06/15/2019Drivers of changing urban flood risk: A framework for actionBerndtsson, R., Becker, P., Persson, A., Aspegren, H., Haghighatafshar, S.,
Jönsson, K., Larsson, R., Mobini, S., Mottaghi, M., Nilsson, J., Nordström, J., Pilesjö, P., Scholz,
M., Sternudd, C., Sörensen, J., & Tussupova, K.
Journal of Environmental Management>Link
12/01/2013Ecological tradeoffs of stabilized salt marshes as a shoreline protection strategy: effects of artificial structures on macrobenthic assemblagesBilkovic, D. M. & Mitchell, M. M.Ecological Engineering>Link
05/01/2017Mangroves as a protection from storm surges in a changing climateBlankespoor, B., Dasgupta, S., & Lange, G. M.AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment>Link
01/01/2003Design aspects of groins and jettiesBodge, K. R.American Society of Civil Engineers>Link
10/01/2018Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Ecosystem Management With Ecosystem Services: From Theory to PracticeBoerema, A., Van Passel, S., & Meire, P.Ecological Economics>Link
04/18/2017Modeling aesthetics to support an ecosystem services approach for natural resource management decision making: Modeling Aesthetic Ecosystem ServicesBooth, P. N., Law, S. A., Ma, J., Buonagurio, J., Boyd, J., & Turnley, J.Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management>Link
02/01/2011How ecological engineering can serve in coastal protectionBorsjea, B. W., van Wesenbeeck, B. K, Dekker, F., Paalvast, P., Bouma, T. J., van
Katwijk, M. M., & de Vries, M. B.
Ecological Engineering>Link
09/01/2010Comparing ecosystem engineering efficiency of two plant species with contrasting growth strategiesBouma, T. J., De Vries, M. B. & Herman, P. M.Ecology>Link
05/01/2014Identifying knowledge gaps hampering application of intertidal habitats in coastal protection: Opportunities & steps to takeBouma, T. J., Van Belzen, J., Balke, T., Zhu, Z., Airoldi, L., Blight, A. J., ...
& Lara, J. L.
Coastal Engineering>Link
10/01/2005Impacts of seawalls on saltmarsh plant communities in the Great Bay Estuary, New Hampshire USABozek, C. M. & Burdick, D. M.Wetlands Ecology and Management>Link
03/01/2016Evidence for elevated coastal vulnerability following large-scale historical oyster bed harvestingBrandon, C. M., Woodruff, J. D., Orton, P. M., & Donnelly, J. P.Earth Surface Processes and Landforms>Link
06/01/2014Engineering with nature promotes triple-win outcomesBridges, T. S., Lillycrop, J., Wilson, J. R., Fredette, T. J., Suedel, B., Banks,
C. J., & Russo, E. J.
Terra et Aqua>Link
01/01/2015Use of natural and nature-based features (NNBF) for coastal resilienceBridges, T. S., Burks-Copes, K. A., Bates, M. E., Collier, Z. A., Fischenich, J.
C., Piercy, C. D., ... & Rosati, J. D.
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center>Link
01/01/2015Natural & Nature-Based FeaturesBridges, T., Wagner, P., Burks-Copes, K., & Vietri, J. R.U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center>Link
01/01/2016Engineering with nature: advancing system resilience and sustainable developmentBridges, T.S., Banks C.J., and Chasten, M.A.The Military Engineer>Link
12/01/2018Whose nature? What solutions? Linking Ecohydrology to Nature-based solutionsBridgewater, P.Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology>Link
01/01/2014Examining the impact of land use/land cover characteristics on flood lossesBrody, S., Blessing, R., Sebastian, A., & Bedient, P.Journal of Environmental Planning and Management>Link
12/01/2015An Analysis of the Effects of Land Use and Land Cover on Flood Losses along the Gulf of Mexico Coast from 1999 to 2009Brody, S. D., Highfield, W. E., & Blessing, R.JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association>Link
03/21/2019Integrating Green and Gray : Creating Next Generation InfrastructureBrowder, G.; Ozment, S.; Rehberger Bescos, I.; Gartner, T.; Lange, G.World Bank and World Resources Institute>Link
01/01/2017Using ecological production functions to link ecological processes to ecosystem services: Ecological Production Functions and Ecosystem ServicesBruins, R. J., Canfield, T. J., Duke, C., Kapustka, L., Nahlik, A. M., & Schäfer,
R. B.
Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management>Link
03/06/2012A Review of Risk Perceptions and Other Factors that Influence Flood Mitigation Behavior: Review of Flood Risk PerceptionsBubeck, P., Botzen, W. J. W., & Aerts, J. C. J. H.Risk Analysis>Link
07/02/2009A High Resolution Coupled Riverine Flow, Tide, Wind, Wind Wave and Storm Surge Model for Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. Part I: Model Development and ValidationBunya, S., Westerink, J., Dietrich, J. C., Westerink, H. J., Westerink, L. G.,
Atkinson, J., Ebersole, B., Smith, J. M., Resio, D., Jensen, R., Cialone, M. A., Luettich, R.,
Dawson, C., Roberts, H. J., & Ratcliff, J.
Monthly weather review>Link
01/01/2007Impact of storms on beach erosion: Broadbeach (Gold Coast, Australia)Castelle, B., Turner, I. L., Ruessink, B. G., & Tomlinson, R. B.Journal of Coastal Research>Link
08/25/2015Ecosystem-service assessment: research needs for coastal green infrastructureCoastal and Green Infrastructure Ecosystem Services Task ForceNATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL>Link
01/25/2017A species effect on storm erosion: Invasive sedge stabilized dunes more than native grass during Hurricane SandyCharbonneau, B. R., Wootton, L. S., Wnek, J. P., Langley, J. A., & Posner, M.
Journal of Applied Ecology>Link
09/09/2020Mapping the effectiveness of nature‐based solutions for climate change adaptationChausson, A., Turner, B., Seddon, D., Chabaneix, N., Girardin, C. A. J., Kapos,
V., Key, I., Roe, D., Smith, A., Woroniecki, S., & Seddon, N.
Global Change Biology>Link
10/16/2020Urbanization and climate change impacts on future flood risk in the Pearl River Delta under shared socioeconomic pathwaysChen, X.Science of The Total Environment>Link
01/01/2016Assessing public aesthetic preferences towards some urban landscape patterns: The case study of two different geographic groupsChen, Z., Xu, B., & Devereux, B.Environmental Monitoring and Assessment>Link
02/19/2013Coastal adaptation with ecological engineeringCheong, S. M., Silliman, B., Wong, P. P., Van Wesenbeeck, B., Kim, C. K., &
Guannel, G.
Nature climate change>Link
07/01/2008Southeast Oahu coastal hydrodynamic modelling with ADCIRC and STWAVECialone, M. A., Brown, M. E., Smith, J. M., & Hathaway, K. K.U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center>Link
01/01/2020Review of the New York City Watershed Protection ProgramCommittee to Review the New York City Watershed Protection Program, Water Science
and Technology Board, Division on Earth and Life Studies, & National Academies of Sciences
National Academies Press>Link
11/01/2017The impact of shoreline stabilization on economic growth in small island developing statesCorral, L. R., & Schling, M.Journal of Environmental Economics and Management>Link
04/05/2008The value of coastal wetlands for hurricane protectionCostanza, R., Pérez-Maqueo, O., Martinez, M. L., Sutton, P., Anderson, S. J., &
Mulder, K.
AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment>Link
11/01/1999Twenty‐five years of ecosystem development of constructed Spartina alterniflora (Loisel) marshesCraft, C., Reader, J., Sacco, J. N. & Broome, S. W.Ecological Applications>Link
09/15/2017Variations in the response of the dune coast of northern France to major storms as a function of available beach sediment volumeCrapoulet, A., Héquette, A., Marin, D., Levoy, F., & Bretel, P.Earth Surface Processes and Landforms>Link
09/01/2015Shoreline change in the New River estuary, North Carolina: rates and consequencesCurrin, C., Davis, J., Baron, L. C., Malhotra, A., & Fonseca, M.Journal of Coastal Research>Link
07/01/2005How effective were mangroves as a defence against the recent tsunami?Dahdouh-Guebas, F., Jayatissa, L. P., Di Nitto, D., Bosire, J. O., Seen, D. L., &
Koedam, N.
Current biology>Link
01/01/2010Effects of coastal vegetation species and ground slope on storm surge disaster mitigationDas, S. C., Iimura, K., & Tanaka, N.Proceedings of the Coastal Engineering Conference>Link
12/01/2013Mangroves can provide protection against wind damage during stormsDas, S., & Crépin, A. S.Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science>Link
11/01/2017Mangroves as protection from storm surges in BangladeshDasgupta, S., Islam, M. S., Huq, M., Khan, Z., & Hasib, M. R.World Bank Group>Link
12/27/2017Living shorelines support nearshore benthic communities in upper and lower Chesapeake BayDavenport, T. M., Seitz, R. D., Knick, K. E., & Jackson, N.Estuaries and Coasts>Link
11/16/2015Living Shorelines: Coastal Resilience with a Blue Carbon BenefitDavis, J. L., Currin, C. A., O’Brien, C., Raffenburg, C., & Davis, A.PLOS ONE>Link
12/01/2003Using Ecotechnology to address water quality and wetland habitat loss problems in the Mississippi basin: A hierarchical approachDay, J.Biotechnology Advances>Link
01/01/2002The role of pulsing events in the functioning of coastal barriers and wetlands: implications for human impact, management and the response to sea level riseDay, J.W., Psuty, N.P., & Perez, B.C.Concepts and Controversies in Salt Marsh Ecology>Link
05/04/2016Large infrequently operated river diversions for Mississippi delta restorationDay, J. W., Lane, R. R., D’Elia, C. F., Wiegman, A. R., Rutherford, J. S.,
Shaffer, G. P., ... & Kemp, G. P.
Mississippi Delta Restoration>Link
07/16/2000Storm damage reduction potential via beach nourishmentDean, R. G.Coastal Engineering 2000>Link
12/01/2019Nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological hazards: Revised concepts, classification schemes and databasesDebele, S. E., Kumar, P., Sahani, J., Marti-Cardona, B., Mickovski, S. B., Leo,
L. S., Porcù, F., Bertini, F., Montesi, D., Vojinovic, Z., & Di Sabatino, S.
Environmental Research>Link
01/23/2015More Than Fear Induction: Toward an Understanding of People’s Motivation to Be Well-Prepared for Emergencies in Flood-Prone Areasde Boer, J., Wouter Botzen, W. J., & Terpstra, T.Risk Analysis>Link
01/07/2020Mangroves protect coastal economic activity from hurricanesdel Valle, A., Eriksson, M., Ishizawa, O. A., & Miranda, J. J.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences>Link
02/11/2014Soft Engineering vs. a Dynamic Approach in Coastal Dune Management: A Case Study on the North Sea Barrier Island of Ameland, The NetherlandsDe Jong, B., Keijsers, J. G., Riksen, M. J., Krol, J., & Slim, P. A.Journal of Coastal Research>Link
11/01/2017Natural Assurance Scheme: A level playing field framework for Green-Grey infrastructure developmentDenjean, B., Altamirano, M. A., Graveline, N., Giordano, R., van der Keur, P.,
Moncoulon, D., Weinberg, J., Máñez Costa, M., Kozinc, Z., Mulligan, M., Pengal, P., Matthews, J.,
van Cauwenbergh, N., López Gunn, E., & Bresch, D. N.
Environmental Research>Link
08/15/2019An economic evaluation of adaptation pathways in coastal mega cities: An illustration for Los Angelesde Ruig, L. T., Barnard, P. L., Botzen, W. J. W., Grifman, P., Hart, J. F., de
Moel, H., Sadrpour, N., & Aerts, J. C. J. H.
Science of The Total Environment>Link
09/21/2018Estimating preferences for controlling beach erosion in SicilyDe Salvo, M., Signorello, G., Cucuzza, G., Begalli, D., & Agnoli, L.Aestimum>Link
05/01/2000Algal concentration profiles above mussel bedsDolmer, P.Journal of Sea Research>Link
10/07/2015Incorporating ecosystem services into federal decision making [Memorandum]Donovan, S., Goldfus, C., & Holdren, J.Washington, DC: White House>Link
09/01/2017Benefits and ancillary costs of natural infrastructure: Evidence from the New Jersey coastDundas, S. J.Journal of Environmental Economics and Management>Link
10/13/2020Methodology for development of a data and knowledge base for learning from existing nature-based solutions in Europe: The CONNECTING Nature projectDushkova, D., & Haase, D.MethodsX>Link
03/01/2013Investing in nature: Restoring coastal habitat blue infrastructure and green job creationEdwards, P. E. T., Sutton-Grier, A. E., & Coyle, G. E.Marine Policy>Link
12/01/2016Dune management challenges on developed coastsElko, N., Brodie, K., Stockdon, H., Nordstrom, K., Houser, C., McKenna, K., ... &
Walker, I.
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center>Link
08/01/2016Barriers to and opportunities for landward migration of coastal wetlands with sea-level riseEnwright, N. M., Griffith, K. T., & Osland, M. J.Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment>Link
04/11/2008Vegetation's role in coastal protectionFeagin, R. A.Science>Link
06/23/2009Does vegetation prevent wave erosion of salt marsh edges?Feagin, R. A., Lozada-Bernard, S. M., Ravens, T., Möller, I., Yeager, K. M., &
Baird, A. H.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences>Link
12/01/2010Salt marsh zonal migration and ecosystem service change in response to global sea level rise: a case study from an urban regionFeagin, R. A., Martinez, M. L., Mendoza-Gonzalez, G., & Costanza, R.Ecology and Society>Link
05/01/2015Going with the flow or against the grain? The promise of vegetation for protecting beaches, dunes, and barrier islands from erosionFeagin, R. A., Figlis, J., Zinnert, J. C., Zigren, J., Martinez, M. L., Silva,
R., Smith, W. K., Cox, D., Young, D. R., and Carter, G.
Frontiers in ecology>Link
03/28/2018Nature‐based solutions: The need to increase the knowledge on their potentialities and limitsFernandes, J. P., & Guiomar, N.Land Degradation & Development>Link
05/13/2014The effectiveness of coral reefs for coastal hazard risk reduction and adaptationFerrario, F., Beck, M. W., Storlazzi, C. D., Micheli, F., Shepard, C. C., and
Airoldi, L.
Nature Communications>Link
05/25/2020Greening of grey infrastructure should not be used as a Trojan horse to facilitate coastal developmentFirth, L. B., Airoldi, L., Bulleri, F., Challinor, S., Chee, S., Evans, A. J.,
Hanley, M. E., Knights, A. M., O’Shaughnessy, K., Thompson, R. C., & Hawkins, S. J.
Journal of Applied Ecology>Link
09/30/2020“It’s on the ‘nice to have’ pile”: Potential principles to improve the implementation of socially inclusive Green InfrastructureFisher, D., Blackstock, K., & Irvine, K.Ambio>Link
12/01/1994Shoreline processes and damage resulting from the Halloween Eve storm of 1991 along the north and south shores of Massachusetts Bay, USAFitzgerald, D. M., van Heteren, S. & Montello, T. M.Journal of Coastal Research>Link
01/01/2020Accounting for Nature’s Value: With USDA-NRCS conservation practices in the central great plainsFletcher, A., Wildish, J., Cousins, K.Earth Economics>Link
06/05/1992A preliminary evaluation of wave attenuation by four species of seagrassFonseca, M. S. & Cahalan, J. A.Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science>Link
02/07/2018Wave attenuation across a tidal marsh in San Francisco BayFoster-Martinez, M. R., Lacy, J. R., Ferner, M. C., & Variano, E. A.Coastal Engineering>Link
08/01/2014Epifaunal community development on Great Lakes breakwaters: An Engineering With Nature demonstration projectFredette, T. J., Suedel, B., Banks, C. J., Ruby, R. J., Bijhouwer, P., & Friona,
A. M.
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center>Link
08/22/2017Assessing the Economic Costs of Sea Level Rise and Benefits of Coastal Protection: A Spatiotemporal ApproachFu, X., & Song, J.Sustainability>Link
03/01/2014Living shorelines: a natural approach to erosion controlGalveston Bay FoundationGalveston Bay Foundation>Link
01/01/2011The present and future role of coastal wetland vegetation in protecting shorelines: answering recent challenges to the paradigmGedan, K. B., Kirwan, M. L., Wolanski, E., Barbier, E. B., & Silliman, B.
Climatic Change>Link
07/01/2015Deer Island aquatic ecosystem restoration projectGerhardt Smith, J. M., McDonald, J. S., Rees, S. I., & Lovelace, N.D.U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center>Link
04/15/2020Enhancing nature-based solutions acceptance through stakeholders’ engagement in co-benefits identification and trade-offs analysisGiordano, R., Pluchinotta, I., Pagano, A., Scrieciu, A., & Nanu, F.Science of The Total Environment>Link
08/01/2015Engineering away our natural defenses: an analysis of shoreline hardening in the USGittman, R. K., Fodrie, F. J., Popowich, A. M., Keller, D. A., Bruno, J. F.,
Currin, C. A., Peterson, C. H., & Piehler, M. F.
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment>Link
09/10/2014Marshes with and without sills protect estuarine shorelines from erosion better than bulkheads during a Category 1 hurricaneGittman, R. K., Popowich, A. M., Bruno, J. F., & Peterson, C. H.Ocean & Coastal Management>Link
02/08/2016Living shorelines can enhance the nursery role of threatened estuarine habitatsGittman, R. K., Peterson, C. H., Currin, C. A., Joel Fodrie, F., Piehler, M. F. &
Bruno, J. F.
Ecological Applications>Link
03/01/2018Potential of marshes to attenuate storm surge water level in the Chesapeake BayGlass, E. M., Garzon, J. L., Lawler, S., Paquier, E., & Ferreira, C. M.Limnology and Oceanography>Link
06/05/2020The Protective Value of Nature: A Review of the effectiveness of natural infrastructure for hazard risk reductionGlick, P., Powell, E., Schlesinger, S., Ritter, J., Stein, B. A., & Fuller,
National Wildlife Federation>Link
05/01/2016Stability and bistability in a one-dimensional model of coastal foredune heightGoldstein, E. B., & Moore, L. J.Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface>Link
10/10/2020Using a system thinking approach to assess the contribution of nature based solutions to sustainable development goalsGómez Martín, E., Giordano, R., Pagano, A., van der Keur, P., & Máñez Costa,
Science of The Total Environment>Link
08/01/1995Coastal storm deposition: Salt-marsh response to a severe extratropical storm, March 1993, west-central FloridaGoodbred, S. L. & Hine, A. C.Geology>Link
07/12/2017Use of ecosystems in coastal erosion managementGracia, C. A., Rangel-Buitrago, N., Oakley, J. A., & Williams, A.Ocean & Coastal Management>Link
01/01/2012Wave overwash of vegetated dunesGralher, C., Kobayashi, N., & Do, K.Proceedings of the Coastal Engineering Conference>Link
09/01/2017Coastal residents' perceptions of the function of and relationship between engineered and natural infrastructure for coastal hazard mitigationGray, J. D. E., O'Neill, K., & Qiu, Z.Ocean & coastal management>Link
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