EWN Proving Grounds

South Atlantic Division

The South Atlantic Division recognizes that partnering with nature is a vital to delivering bold solutions to combat uncertainty and achieve long-term, sustainable solutions. Incorporating natural and nature-based features into projects from a foundation of inclusive and collaborative engagement, creates a broad array of opportunities to meaningfully strengthen community resilience into the future.

EWN Proving Grounds are USACE districts and divisions committed to the broad integration of EWN principles and practices into all business lines in the form of constructed projects. Proving grounds are places where innovative ideas are tested on the ground, throughout USACE missions. They document processes, project milestones, and lessons learned in the implementation of EWN measures so others can learn from their experience.

SAD is committed to integrating EWN into guidance and processes to facilitate the meaningful evaluation and inclusion of natural and nature-based features into our projects and procedures. This commitment not only includes new studies, but also incorporates EWN concepts into existing civil works projects, USACE managed recreational areas, and emphasizes the public interest benefits of EWN for the Regulatory Program.

Commander’s Memo

Commanders Memo signed by Brigadier General, Daniel Hibner, 27 February 2023.

As a proving ground, SAD will share proven EWN techniques across USACE and identify new, innovative ways to apply EWN to Civil Works programs to build sustainable water resources infrastructure. SAD will leverage experience from partners and sister Districts, including application of Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge, full memo.

The desired outcome is to include EWN in planning and design efforts to increase resiliency in communities and allow for future adaptation. Learn more from SAD.

Engineering With Nature in South Atlantic Districts

Mobile District

Over the past two decades, Mobile District’s innovative technical teams have worked collaboratively with sister agencies in state and federal government and with people who live in the communities where the work is being done. These collaborations are creating impressive solutions, including innovative work to protect and restore barrier islands. Learn about more about EWN in the Mobile District.

Jacksonville District

In Season 5 Episode 6, LTG Spellmon shares how EWN fits into USACE priorities for the future and shares examples of EWN principles being applied in the Everglades with the Jacksonville District and partners.