EWN Proving Grounds

South Pacific Division

USACE South Pacific Division (SPD) is partnering with ERDC to become the first Major Subordinate Command EWN Proving Ground. In doing so, SPD is joining a dynamic and growing community of practice across the USACE enterprise implementing EWN principles into the Civil Works program.

EWN Proving Grounds are USACE districts and divisions committed to the broad integration of EWN principles and practices into all business lines in the form of constructed projects. Proving grounds are places where innovative ideas are tested on the ground, throughout USACE missions. They document processes, project milestones, and lessons learned in the implementation of EWN measures so others can learn from their experience.

Visit by LTG Spellmon to the Guadalupe River Flood Risk Management Project that incorporates Engineering With Nature in the San Francisco District. From left: Michael Mercado (Project Manager); Daria Mazey (Lead Planner); Julie Beagle (EWN Lead for SF District); LTG Spellmon. Credit: Brandon Beach.

SPD is committed to integrating EWN into our guidance and processes to facilitate inclusion of natural and nature-based features into our projects and processes. This not only includes new studies and projects, but also incorporates EWN concepts into existing civil works projects and emphasizes the public interest benefits of EWN for the Regulatory Program.

Brigadier General, Antoinette Gant, 5 December 2022
Full Memo signed by Brigadier General, Antoinette Gant, 5 December 2022.

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