The San Francisco District has a long history of Engineering With Nature. The reuse of dredged materials for wetland restoration is a prime example of engineering to mimic the natural process of sediment deposition. The San Francisco District is well-positioned to work with partners to develop and implement EWN solutions to manage the risk of flooding in the built environment, restore aquatic ecosystems, and continue to meet navigation missions while adapting to new conditions in the face of climate change. By truly Engineering with Nature, the San Francisco District wants to be a model for how to adapt to sea-level rise and increased coastal flooding while providing multiple benefits for the communities we serve and the partners we work with. The San Francisco District is diverse in landscapes, communities, and vulnerabilities. EWN allows us to work with the power of water and sediment to efficiently and cost-effectively protect our communities, restore natural systems, and prepare us for the challenges of the future.

Point of Contact

Julie Beagle

Julie Beagle is the Environmental Planning Section Chief for the USACE San Francisco District (SPN).