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Short Course: Engineering With Nature for Sustainable Estuaries hosted by Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE)


The USACE’s EWN initiative conducted a short course titled, “Use of Natural and Nature-Based Features in Estuarine Systems” in association with the Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE) conference in New Orleans, LA. This course included a series of technical presentations that covered a broad range of topics related to natural and nature-based features (NNBF) including (1) an overview of the EWN practices and example projects that promote coastal resilience, flood risk reduction, and enhanced ecosystem services, (2) an introduction to a diverse number of EWN solutions, which include a systems approach incorporating the use of NNBF, (3) a greater understanding of specific NNBF used in creating EWN solutions, including advances in practice since the publication of the NNBF guidelines, (4) insight into current efforts to quantify EWN “triple win” outcomes, which include the analysis of engineering, environmental, and socio-economic benefits.

Approximately 62 individuals participated in the short course, which included 13 speakers from a diverse set of organizations that are applying EWN practices to address current and future-anticipated issues/challenges confronting our nations coastal areas. All participants in the EWN Short Course received a copy of the EWN Overview: International Guidelines on NNBF for Flood Risk Management, which served as a course book highlighting EWN International guidelines. The RAE Short Course agenda for the December 8th presentations is included. Likewise, the presentations are also included for your review.



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